Previous information to the flight.

LEMS OACI denomination: LEMS

Geographic coordinates:

WGS 84 Latitude Longitude
Punto de referencia 41o 45’ 55’’ N 1o 51’ 45’’ E
Point of reference 405.458 4.624.330
276 m.

Fuel: Even though it can be seen, next to the existent shed, a fuel tank Jet A-1 of 20.000 liters’ capacity, it is not of the aerodrome’s property. Thus, it’s not available for visitors for the moment.

Flight plans: LEMS is an aerodrome of visual approximation without air traffic controllers. Therefore, the Flight plans are realized through the telephone of any Office of Flight Plans from any airport. For Barcelona’s airport: 933786019. To plant he arrival, you have below some links to get Weather information of our location. Click on the one you’re more interested in. Soon we’ll have cameras on-line so that you can see it yourself in real time. Telephone number of contact with the aerodrome: 930130285 for visual situation or any other question.

Landing request: To be able to land in LEMS it’ll be indispensable to obtain authorization of the camp to do it. For that, we’ve habilitated this application form where you must send your request 24 hours before to receive an answer from the same E-mailbox with the approval to your request.

Airport charges.

General charges.

For Microlights Generic charges
Landings/Take-off 20€
Touch & go 45€
For Helicopters Generic charges
Landings/Take-off 20€
Touch & go 45€
For Aeroplanes* Generic charges
Landings/Take-off 25€
Touch & go 45€
Landing without written permission***
500€ no subsidized

*  weight lower than 2 tons (empty).

Runway characteristics:

  • Compacted dirt track (in hidro-seeding test) length of 700m and width 16m.
  • Aircrafts of more than 2 Tones of weight (empty) must have into account the maximum length of track of 700m.
  • If you have enough runway (eg Pilatus PC-12) the same tariff as smaller aircrafts will be applied.

*** Dear friend of the Aeròdrom Barcelona-Bages. As you already know, the main activity of the aerodrome is the skydiving developed by our principal, and for now the only, operator. In low season it will be operating Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Plus some festive Mondays. And in on high season there will be added Thursdays, Mondays and some Wednesdays. This activity makes us have an accurate control of the aircrafts arrival to the aerodrome in order not to interfere with their operations, with the only objective of avoid unwanted risks. That is why the landing without written permission will be 500€ (five hundred euros), VAT not included.

Get the permission to land with planes and helicopters.



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