Access to the viewpoint.


Future aerodrome offices.

Helicopter landing zone.

Aerial view.

Access to future offices zone, aerial.

Access to future offices zone.


The Barcelona-Bages aerodrome is in its beginnings for now, after some years of no operational usage, and it’s going through a process of redesign so that it can be enjoyed, and not only as an aerodrome. In order to do that, by now we have, as you get closer by land, the following points:

Indications to the aerodrome

Treated access, fixed and with indications to arrive to it.


Parking and access

There’s public and free parking, unattended, in the public zone of he aerodrome in which is compulsory to leave the vehicle. Enabled road to get to the recreational area of the aerodrome in which you can access with motor vehicle to leave disabled people only, being essential the, to lower the vehicle to the parking area. There’s access to recreational area by landscaped path to the cafeteria.

Cafe / Rest Area

Rest area for a refreshment or snack bought in the cafeteria. From this zone you can perfectly see the airfield track and you can see the operation of the plane as well as the parachute jumping from the aircraft. From these seats you have a privileged view of the mountain of Montserrat and all its surrounding plain. I repeat privileged as long as there are no mists.


Attached to the rest area and separated from the access road by a gardened dune, there is an outdoor swimming pool with artificial grass around it( with restricted access at the moment due to administrative licenses, but soon will be open to the general public).


Soon we will have a restaurant for lunch and dinner located in an area adjacent to the cafeteria in which’s roof there will be a direct viewpoint to the runway and landing area of the parachutists.

Shop Paracas

Also soon there will be a store of objects and clothes related to parachute activity available to the public.


Later, an aircraft repair shop is planned for air travelers if need it.

Plan of the facilities. Click on the image to enlarge.

Cycling routes

From the aerodrome, there are a multitude of paths to walk or cycle, being the aerodrome a reference point at the beginning or end of the route.

More about the environment.

And finally we recommend you to visit the Environment section of the web, where you will find activities and places of interest in this wonderful environment of Central Catalonia.

Get the permission to land with planes and helicopters.