Tandem jump in parachute.

PILATUS PC6 B2H4, also known as the “Baron Rojo”


Saltamos? SkydiveBCN.

A short time ago you had to take skydiving classes and get the license. And to jump alone, you still have to. But now it has been developed the jump in tandem so that you’re firmly attached to an instructor, who knows how to “fly” with parachute. You can enjoy for about 50 seconds, that actually feel like a lot more, of free fall (3000 meters) plus another 3 minutes planning over a wonderful scenario: “The Earth”.


3,000 meter tandem jump

Jump from 3000 meters high.


4,000 meter tandem jump

Jump from 4000 meters high.


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That’s how a tandem jump is.

The moment of the jump is spectacular. You can imagine it as an IMAX movie, but not quite. In IMAX there’s no wind neither acceleration nor real speed nor friction with the air. And here you can turn your head and still the screen never ends.

During the time of free fall you exceed 200 km / h of speed but you don’t get dizzy because you are not aware of such speed having no fixed reference around. The Earth is 4 kilometers away and in that time of free flight you travel 3 kilometers almost without realizing it.

And when the instructor pulls the ring, that opens the parachute, instead of feeling a strong braking what you get to notice is the sudden start of an ultrafast lift upwards because you were not aware of the speed you were carrying.

At the end you believe everything I’m telling you when you see the video that you’ve recorded, you can see the wind-shaped cheeks and the sleeves (or the arms if you go in short sleeves) that look like a flan blown by a strong vacuum cleaner running in the other direction.

Your own instructor takes in its hand, if you hire it, a mini-camera that will record the entire tour. And if you prefer, you have the alternative of a camera launching with you with its own parachute, with a higher quality camera, which makes your same travel at a little more distance than the instructor’s arm, approaching and moving away, above and below. Before delivering it will be processed by the specialist technician that is in the office of the Parachute Center.

To sum up, I recommend it. Fear? It depends on you. Respect? Absolute. Security? Maximum.

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